Gallbach: Learning from Dreams

Gallbach: Learning from Dreams
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Dreams have profound implications for the physical and spiritual realm, for the body as well as... mehr
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Dreams have profound implications for the physical and spiritual realm, for the body as well as for the psyche. The innovative dream-work procedures developed in this book are instruments that help illuminate such connections, allowing for symbolic elaboration of psychosomatic symptoms that favor their transformation and resolution. The procedures of Dream Processing, Body-Active-Imagination and Contemplative Dream Experience are described and investigated and illustrated with manifold examples. They are valuable tools for the therapeutic professional and for any of us wishing to interact with dreams to harmonize with the profound process that orients us to the path of our lives.

Learning from Dreams is the result of many years of research within Dream-Experience-Groups. This Jungian dreamwork methodology broadens the traditional individual setting and offers new perspectives for the professional practice and theory.

MARION RAUSCHER GALLBACH is a Jungian analyst in São Paulo, Brazil, where she also coordinates the Dream Center of the Clinic of the Brazilian Society for Analytical Psychology (SBrPA). She trained at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich and with SBrPA. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, she is Visiting Professor at the Post Graduation Program in Jungian Studies of PUC University, São Paulo.

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