Goldstein: Images, Meanings and Connections

Goldstein: Images, Meanings and Connections
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Essays in Memory of Susan Bach The title of this book reflects the main themes from 50 years... mehr
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Essays in Memory of Susan Bach

The title of this book reflects the main themes from 50 years of Susan Bach’s analytical work with spontaneous pictures and in her “blue room”. In working with spontaneous pictures and drawings, she perceived the expression of deep connections between psyche and soma and learned that “it knows within us” when either healing or death is imminent.
Talking with Susan Bach about her work was inspiring and humbling and, drinking coffee as only she could make it, one felt deeply privileged to be studying with someone who brought so much intuition and intellectual understanding to the contemplation of the human psyche.
The humbling part of the conversation came from wondering how to move one’s own work towards the paths she was opening up. The purpose of this collection of essays is to show how the work of connecting and finding meaning continues and advances, whether through pictures, objects, dreams or other images and myths.
The contributors have in common both a Jungian background and their having made distinguished contributions in their own specialities.

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