Meier: Personality

Meier: Personality
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The Individuation Process in the Light of C.G. Jung’s Typology The world-famous psychiatrist... mehr
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The Individuation Process in the Light of C.G. Jung’s Typology

The world-famous psychiatrist and pioneer of the unconscious, Carl Gustav Jung, never produced a systematic treatment of his own work – he was always moving forward. And so it became the life-task of his assistant-of-many-decades, Carl Alfred Meier, to gather and present in detail the various aspects of his far-reaching discoveries. This final volume of Meier’s work addresses the human personality in its encounters between consciousness and the unconscious, a process referred to as individuation. In describing such encounters, the author extensively explains the idea of Jung’s psychological types.

“… Meier has a gift of expressing the most complex concepts simply … [this book] will not only enrich the natural scientist but act as an unfailing guide to the increasing hordes of lost people in search of a soul, in a world that has forfeited its meaning.” — Sir Laurens van der Post

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