Cambridge 2001

Cambridge 2001
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Proceedings of the 15th International Congress for Analytical Psychology The Fifteenth... mehr
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Proceedings of the 15th International Congress for Analytical Psychology

The Fifteenth Triannual Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) took place on the grounds of St. John’s College in Cambridge, England from August 19-24, 2001. It was a memorable occasion both in its preparation and its incarnation and the present volume is meant to preserve at least a portion of what transpired: the papers comprising the program. The presentations and events were more far-reaching and all-inclusive than ever before, incorporating numerous political and intercultural issues and including representatives from psychoanalysis and other fields of endeavor for the first time.

From the contents: Congress Keynote – Destructive Devotion: With Friends Like Us, Does Jung Need Enemies? by Beverley Zabriskie Analytical Psychology and its Relation to Psychoanalysis: A Personal View by James Astor Not For Women Only: A Jungian View of Menopause by JoAnn Culbert-Koehn Psychoanalysts Comment on Core Concepts and Approaches of Analytical Psychology by Joseph Cambray Debate: Psychology vs. Biology by George B. Hogenson and Anthony Stevens The Ethical Attitude in Analytical Practice by Hester McFarland Solomon, Fiona Palmer Barnes, Harry Fogarty and Christian Gaillard Torture, Internment, and Trauma During Times of Conflict by John R. Van Eenwyk Analysis and Individuation: The Mexican Psyche by Patricia Michan The Lost Face of the Feminine by Betty De Shong Meador Searching for the Feminine: Talking with the Japanese Courtesan by Motoko Miyano and many, many more.

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